Absurd Mix – Episode 3: Absurd (Future?) POP!

Absurd Pop! @ Absurd Broadcast (09/08/15)
Monthly Broadcast, 1 hour of POP music only
mixed by ODM
ODM = Otaku Dance Music
「以POP 歌抗擊文青」

Mixcloud mirror
重温 Absurd Mix – Episode 2: Absurd POP!

Ujico* – Summertime Memory
Cola Splash – Curry Drinker
三毛猫ホームレス – Kaiwaii Fashion
Liz – When I Rule The World
Rustie – Big Catzz
Keith Ape – It G Ma (Spazzkid Bootleg)
YOGI – tsing tao
PUSHER – Basic
DJメンタルヘルスケア – Perfume vs Lately I’ve felt unusual – Cling Cling (Mental Health Care Mashup)
Zen – A Happy Song
TAPES – Voicemail
Snail’s House – Ma Chouchoute (Syntax Error Remix)
GRIMECRAFT – Trippy Squirtle
AVIDD – Control 4
Goshfather & Jinco – Mama (Flow Castle Remix)
Pa’s Lam System – I’m Coming (Avec Avec Remix)
Chiyoko – I’ll talk to you soon
Rick Sakura – ♡ PONPONPON ♡
Aire – Teatime (Cominteple Remix)
Her Ghost Friend – Knock Knock
Sushi Killer – Waifu Dream
Spazzkid – Goodbye ( Celadon City “Nighttime" Remix)
nor – Fearie
kamome sanoの合法アカウント – ふ・れ・ん・ど・死・体 (mashup)
Kane West – Mexicans
~ Drezo ~ – Heaven (Original Mix)
Hotel Garuda – Palm Sprung
Kareful – Lost
Hikaru Utada -Traveling
Love Shy ( PARKGOLF Remix)
Wave Racer – Flash Drive (feat. B▲by)
WYLN – ミ Dat Girl ミ

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