Fan Service: Rocky Sum (Emptybottles.)

Absurd Creation – Fan Service,每月我們會特約一些音樂人,由他們分享一些他們覺得有趣的事,如音樂作品、日常照片丶活動感想等等。希望透過此專欄拉近音樂人和聽眾的距離,以回饋讀者。

Rocky Sum – 本地新生代 Emo樂隊的主音及創作人,《Sweaty & Cramped》 的搞手。首張EP 專輯《Un/titled》剛在本年七月推出。

All Cats Are Beautiful - To Evaporate 

Album: N/A
Released: May 2015
Label: N/A
Purchased: Bandcamp, August 2015


All Cats Are Beautiful is the solo pseudonym of Kyle (surname unknown) – British vocalist and guitarist of He Was Eaten by Owls and now i see bees i won. A little complicated? I thought so too. Apart from recording He Was Eaten by Owls’ debut album, Kyle have been taking some time off to perform solo and “To Evaporate” is the first demo that came to light. Despite the intermingled guitar parts underneath, the soft, airy vocals on top gave the song an effortless, floaty feeling. Kyle’s (again, surname unknown) first solo EP is apparently due to come out next month and I cannot wait.

All Cats Are Beautiful 是 Kyle(姓氏不詳)單飛的藝名。Kyle 同時是英國樂隊He Was Eaten by Owlsnow i see bees i won 的主音及結他手,聽起來很複雜嗎?我也這樣覺得。除了錄製He Was Eaten by Owls 的首作外,Kyle 也花了些時間作個人表演,〈To Evaporate〉就是個人企劃「見街」的第一張 demo。雖然結他部分很複雜,但在它之上的主音部分非常輕盈,給予了這曲一種漂浮感。Kyle(姓氏不詳)的首張EP聽說下月推出,我實在急不及待。

Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man

Album: Not Like This
Released: September 2010
Label: Dead Broke Rekerds
Purchased: Bandcamp, August 2015


I missed DUDE LAW!’s set at The Wanch and somehow that lead me into discovering Iron Chic, but no I still don’t believe in silver linings. According to our local punk expert Arthur, Iron Chic had nailed THE perfect pop punk formula, all their songs are in D and perfectly capable to be sang along to, no matter how piss-drunk one might be. Well, if you cannot sing “Face down, lights out! Put some music on maybe I’ll come around!” you can at least do the “Wo oh wo ohhhhhhhh!” bits. “Cutesy Monster Man” may be a straightforward song but it isn’t a dumb one, the lyrics are totally clever and relatable to anyone failing in life (me).

一次因為錯過了DUDE LAW!在 The Wanch 的表演,卻令我有機會發現了Iron Chic這隊樂隊,但不要誤會,我才不信「因禍得福」這鬼東西。據本地龐克專家Arthur的說法,Iron Chic完美地煉成了Pop Punk的配方,雖然他們所有的歌都是以D大調編寫,但不論你喝得有多醉,你也會發覺,你仍可以非常輕易的跟著唱他們的歌。即使你唱不出「Face down, lights out! Put some music on maybe I’ll come around!」 ,至少你仍可以跟著嗌 「Wo oh wo ohhhhhhhh!」。〈Cutesy Monster Man〉可能是一首很直接的歌,但卻一點也不愚笨,非常精警的歌詞基本上人人都會將其聯繫到自己失敗的人生(我)。

Malegoat - Many Answers
Album: here and there
Released: August, 2015
Label: Stiff Slack
Purchased: White Noise Records [Hong Kong], August 2015

Listen: N/A

I was really excited about Malegoat’s new album, having been in love with songs like Tidying the whole summer. What is immediately noticeable, however, is the lovely contrast between loud and soft in “to face the music” is somewhat missing in “here and there”. “Many Answers” is particularly likeable for it offers a change of pace, a tenderness to be reminiscent about. It has that consistent warmness that is present throughout the whole album, which I felt had shone through even better in “Many Answers”. This song is a classic representation of emo – completed with twinkling guitars, brass in the background and melancholic lyrics, and I love it for this exact reason.

Malegoat 的新專輯使我非常期待,尤其因為我在整個夏天都一直愛聽如〈Tidying〉等Malegoat 的歌。但有樣東西我即時察覺到的,是(上作)《to face the music》中那嘈吵與恬靜的可愛反差,在《here and there》卻又不存在。〈Many Answers〉格外討喜的是它有著節奏上的轉變,和一種令人難忘的輕柔觸感。歌曲滲透著的溫暖貫穿整張專輯,是其一大亮點。這曲是Emo的經典示範——閃爍的結他、背景的銅管和多愁的歌詞,正是我愛上它的真正原因。

Medications - Opinion 

Album: Your Favorite People All in One Place
Released: 2005
Label: Dischord Records
Purchased: Waiting Room [Taipei], July 2015


Even if you’re a mere passing fan of post-hardcore (not to be confused with posercore) or math rock you’ll love this song within seconds. The first chord with its tearing texture is enough to convince most people, and if you are not most people, then you might get hooked on the band’s intricate songwriting in the later parts. Without relying on odd-time or hundreds of notes in a matter of seconds, this song stands perfectly well with just brilliant riffs and innovative arrangements. “Opinions” is truly math rock at its best – free flowing and full of surprises. So yeah, suck this, hipsters.

即使你只是Post-Hardcore(不要與「posercore」搞混)或Math Rock的過門客,我相信你仍會在數秒內愛上這首歌。帶撕裂感的第一個和弦已足以說服大部分聽眾。即使你不是那「大部分」人,你仍很可能被後段錯綜的編寫吸引著。沒有依賴光怪的節拍或以秒間數百音符轟炸之技倆,這曲仍以絕佳的riffs和創新的編曲作出完美表現。〈Opinion〉是Math Rock的最佳呈現——那自由奔放的流動、處處出現的驚喜,都證明了這點。So yeah, suck this,hipsters!

Patchwork Natives - NMA

Album: N. F. L. S.
Released: August 2015
Label: N/A
Purchased: Bandcamp, August 2015


I am sick of CHON. Not that CHON is bad, but there are a wealth of other competitors that are worth your time. So for god’s sake, don’t stop at CHON, move the fuck on. Go listen to Patchwork Natives, a Brighton trio who just dropped their first album and played ArcTanGent this month, they are greatness in the making. “NMA” was the first track off “N. F. L. S.”, a song that blends (acid) jazz and math into one pint of pure tastiness. Starting off nice and easy with laid back drums and solid bass parts, “NMA” picks up around the 1 minute mark, showing more of the math side of the matter before a timely refrain. The song continues to build up to a boil from the second minute onwards and reaching the tipping point between all-in or bail-out before the third. Teasingly the band decided to bring the song down to a natural end, but hey, there’s 5 more songs waiting for you so I guess we cannot complain.

我真的非常厭惡CHON。不是因為他們差,而是他們的大部分對手也同樣值得你去花時間聽。所以,看著上帝的份上,去聽聽Brighton三人團Patchwork Natives 吧。剛剛發佈了首作和出演了今月ArcTanGent的他們,可說是醞釀中的巨星。〈NMA〉是 《N. F. L. S.》的開首曲,把(Acid) Jazz 與 Math 的揉合得充滿滋味。以緩慢放鬆的鼓點和穩健的bassline成就了非常舒服的開首,而在第一分鐘打後,樂隊則開始展示更多他們Math的一面,直至副歌來臨。在第二分鐘後,一直依著這個方向沸騰的演奏終於在第三分鐘前上昇至臨界點。但就在此時,樂隊卻挑逗的把歌曲帶回到一個自然的收結。不過,在專輯還有五首歌等住你聽的情況下,我想聽眾也不該著意太多。

作者:Rocky Sum (Emptybottles.)
翻譯/編輯:Absurd Creation

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