聲明:有關十月Fan Service的爭議

聲明:有關十月Fan Service的爭議

首先,我們期望Fan Service會是一個自由空間,來讓音樂人去自由表達他們的音樂意見,所以我們傾向不審查或編輯我們信任的音樂人所寫的文字,只要他們不宣揚歧視性的惡語,如種族或性別歧視。


一方面,我們Absurd的任務是儘量的持分析性及具批判性。但另一邊廂,我們想Fan Service能做到音樂人與一般人地位平等,所以當每個人都可以自由表達個人好惡,我想,音樂人作為一個個體也有自由這樣做。


(Absurd Creation 編輯部)

Initially, we envisioned Fan Service to be a free space for musicians to express their musical ideas at their own will. Therefore, we insist not to edit or censor anything our trusted writers have written, given that they are not promoting discriminatory hate speech such as racist or sexist discourses.

Absurd was set out to be the music site that dedicates to any music genres under the radar, as a result, our interests of investigation lies mostly in the genres we feel they are under-represented, or have potential to be the music of the future. But only by praising, it will only generate repetition, maybe even a wrong kind of repetition. Thus we also feel that the Hong Kong independent music scene needs a critical voice, that can push the boundary of the scene outward, through voicing criticisms that are  constructive and meaningful. We do not want to regress to another PR outlets of local labels, as a fan of music, we would only speak in all honestly of what we think about creations made by artists.

Absurd on the one hand, is missioned to be as analytical and critical as possible. But Fan service, on the other hand, is set out to be on the equal footing to any other people i.e. when a random person can express their music preference freely, we feel that musician, as an individual human being, can also have the freedom to do so as well.

We therefore standby Jabin 100%  . If any readers wish to express their opinion, you can write to us by any means, we will post your opinions too unedited.

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