NAAFI 在墨西哥和更廣泛的拉丁美洲的背景下,有著其多層次的土著文化遺產,像那些歐洲殖民者,被奴役的非洲人以及其他地方的移民。通過一代又一代地消除自己的根源,調節內化的歐洲中心主義,受壓迫的性別角色和階級身份在美國持續破壞穩定與剝削性的影響下發酵形成的問題集體在拉丁美洲反傳統文化中創造了一個獨特的主義,這些相互矛盾的現實又以超現實和模糊的形式被表現出來。這些元素讓NAFFI在當今這個快速變遷的世界中顯得那麼強大和有意義。*

慶幸Absurd Trax 這個月的嘉賓是 NAAFI 的創辦人之一 Lao,我們特意翻譯了 Thump 為他們做的特輯,來了解一下為甚麼這個墨西哥城的廠牌得到全球地下音樂文化圈的關注和支持。

It’s important to promote the value of party culture and club culture because essentially it’s common sense about respect, about individuality, to see each other, to reflect on each other.

I feel there is a problem in Latin America with not loving oneself and always wanting what the person next to you has, because we were colonized, I feel there is a cultural problem behind this.

In Latin America anything that was coming from the media and music was created from the Anglo world.

In my close friends it happened a lot that latin music was like seen as a very bad thing, if you listened to latin music you were like, idk… it was weird, it was a bit wrong… listening to reggaeton or listening dembow or i dong know, even bachata, any rythm.

NAAFI is an organization works through music, identity, and contemporary global club music.

We’re a family of friends, and we have a similar thoughts about music and society.

Besides being a label and a production house, I think we have a very specific emphasis in the party as a place where all this community and all this music manifest.

The NAAFI family is like a very big family, Hiedrah or Salviatek we are a lot of collectibes, we have the same objectives, the same values over everything else.

The principal instrument is the music, the diversity of rhythms, which is not going out on a weekend and forgetting about the world, but rather choosing what oneself is representing.

Thinking a lot of times in, idk, the rave, in the distance of a club, it has to do with the ritual environments, that the rhythms are always related to the heartbeat, so it’s always… in another way the party in that aspect, is totally related, right?

I dont know, like our voice or our music, represents that side, then we cannot be making like… music from other places because it wouldn’t make sense.

We are bringing what for us is the best music that is getting out in Latin America.

There is a tons of party in the city, NAAFI makes it a whole different thing you know. Queer people, myself feel included, I feel safe. We’re a bunch of freaks, now we have somewhere we can go.

They are always celebrating what other people are doing and they are always looking to collaborate, you can sense that when you’re there, you’re about to see that.

NAAFI is inspiring a lot of these Renaissance of idea when it comes to culture of club music, it’s getting around the world now, there’s no around it.

One doesn’t have to not feel proud of where one is from, on the contrary, take advantage of where you come from and push it further.



會場 Venue: XXX Gallery
地址 Address: 九龍,大角咀,洋松街89-91號 建聯工業大廈,2樓A室 2A, Kin Luen Factory Building, 89-91 Larch St, Tai Kok Tsui
門票 Ticketing: $150 (all night)
B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own booze)
Workshop details 工作訪詳細 – http://tinyurl.com/jduykv5

*文字: Genome
西班牙語翻譯: Ainhoa Marzol



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